Russell Chest Seal (RCS)
Russell Chest Seal (RCS)
Russell Chest Seal (RCS)

Russell Chest Seal (RCS)

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The Russell Chest Seal® (RCS)

  • A hydrogel-based dressing with an integral low-profile valve
  • Covers penetrating chest wounds to allow drainage of air and blood
    • Four peripheral apertures are large enough (36Fr) to allow blood to escape if necessary without blocking the valve
    • if up to three of the four holes become obstructed the valve will still remain fully operational
  • Minimize lung collapse associated with this injury and facilitates lung re-inflation
  • Patented hydrogel base – ‘Sticks and Stays Stuck!’
  • Tested and proven on military operations and adheres effectively to sweaty and hairy skin
  • Will remain adhered over many hours and is comfortable for the patient
  • Valve mechanism is constructed from a thin but tough material which makes it very compliant
    • Allows it to open and close with very small changes in pressure
    • Transparent so the dressing can be positioned accurately over the wound
    • A large base aperture gives some latitude for inaccurate placement in high stress environments
  • Unique low profile and flexibility
  • Compact: easy to pack into medical kit
  • In low light conditions, the valve can be ‘felt’ to be working making it ideal for military operations
  • One of the largest chest seals currently available
  • Dimensions: 20.00cm x 15.00cm
  • Pack Dimensions: 14.00cm x 13.00cm
  • Weight: 20.50g