Manual Resuscitator BVM with STAT-Check II™ CO2 Indicator

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Manual Resuscitator BVM with STAT-Check II™ CO2  Indicator features:
  • Single patient use
  • Effectively verifies CO2 exchange with easy-to-read colorimetric CO2 indicator
  • CO2 indicator is permanently housed in a dedicated port
    • No need to install prior to use
  • Available with or without integrated pressure manometer
  • Integrated color-coded pressure manometer effectively promotes proper pressure delivery (<20cmH2O); the tri-color fields alert to the risk level of delivered pressure
  • Proper pressure delivery helps reduce gastric insufflation, thus preventing vomiting, aspiration and resulting pneumonias
  • Face mask proportionately sized to resuscitation bag size
  • Select from a variety of components to assemble a custom resuscitation bag to meet your unique patient needs
  • Patient port swivel allows clinician to easily move around patient while maintaining proper resuscitation
  • Bacterial/viral filter protects clinician from contaminated expiration content
  • Pliable bag body allows very good tactile feel of patient’s lung compliance
  • Red fits-all O2 tubing connector enables quick visualization of proper O2 connection